For organisations and businesses


Service for organisation and business customers

  • We offer high-quality, university-level education and training services, as well as development projects for operations improvement.
  • You can enhance your organization’s operations or your staff’s skills and expertise.
  • Services can be conducted according to your preference, for example, online or at your premises.
  • You can influence the content, implementation method, timing, and location of customizable services.

Easy transactions and service tailored to your needs

For organisation customers, Laurea Smart offers customizable training, coaching, and project services tailored to fields such as security or social and healthcare. Customization ensures that you receive training or services that are specifically tailored to your company’s needs.

You can choose suitable training and services for your organization or staff from our existing products. When purchasing training for your staff or clients, you can send them activation links through which they can register for the training. As the buyer, you don’t need to worry about filling in participants’ personal information. The use of activation links can be restricted to specific email addresses. Activation links are valid for a maximum of one year.

If you cannot find solutions that meet your needs among our existing or customizable services, you can also submit a request for a quotation.

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