Leadership Today

Come and learn about leadership, its manifestations, and the phenomena influencing it. At the heart of this online course are the drivers of change, such as VUCA, digitalisation, globalization, and sustainability. You will be guided through introductory lectures and online materials. Your acquired knowledge will be assessed through an exam and by writing an academic article.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Describing leadership and leadership styles by
    exploring leadership phenomena, various leadership ideologies, and trends. You learn to apply theory to practical leadership scenarios.
  • Utilizing a Coaching Leadership Approach by
    embracing the principles and methods of coaching leadership.
  • Embracing Diversity by recognizing and appreciating diversity within the workplace and understand how different backgrounds and perspectives can enrich organizational functioning.


The associated degree at Laurea: Complementary competence, bachelor’s studies in English (CCH2), Business, administration and law

Study scope: 5 ECTS

Primary teaching language: English

Level of education: Bachelor

Location: Online

Application status: 1 / 5

Information about the study

Elina Wainio


Elina Wainio

Senior Lecturer