Introduction to Data Economy

Learn the basics of using data in decision making and developing businesses, including data sources and business models and the role of information in value creation.

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Toteutusaika: 01.12.2023 - 30.06.2024

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Tutkinto, johon opinto kuuluu Laureassa: Complementary competence, master’s studies in English (CYJ2), Generic studies

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Koulutuksen taso: YAMK

Sijainti: Laurea Verkkokampus

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You will learn where you can gather data from and learn how to use it in different business operations. You will learn about big data, Internet of Things and digital platforms and APIs.

After completing the course, you will know ho to identify the role of information in a value creation process. identify key business models enabled by digital data. You will learn a few “no-code” ways of experimenting with data products to validate the business model. Finally, you will also learn the effects of privacy regulations on data economy.

The course consists of four modules:

  • Data economy in brief
  • Data sources and business models
  • Role of information in value creation
  • Next steps in data economy

This course has been produced in cooperation with Osaango Oy. Lecturers on the videos are experts in data economy.

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