Programming with Python

Do you want to learn one of the world’s most popular programming languages? Python programming opens the door to many opportunities.


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Toteutusaika: 01.01.2024 - 31.12.2024

376 paikkaa jäljellä

Ilmoittautumisaika: 03.04.2024 - 30.11.2024


Tutkinto, johon opinto kuuluu Laureassa: Degree Programme in Business Information Technology, Developing Digital Services (NSA2), Laurea Leppävaara

Koulutuksen laajuus: 3 opintopistettä

Pääasiallinen opetuskieli: englanti

Koulutuksen taso: AMK

Sijainti: Laurea Verkkokampus

Ilmoittautumistilanne: 24 / 400

Python programming opens the door to many opportunities, whether it’s web development, data processing, artificial intelligence, or game development.

The goal of the course is for you to:

  • Learn to use the fundamental syntax and structures of the programming language effectively.
  • Design, implement, and test small-scale programs.
  • Gain a foundation in mastering programming with Python, which is a valuable skill in many programming projects.

Join us to uncover the secrets of programming with Python language and enhance your programming skills.

You can complete the free online course at your own pace by December 31, 2024, and you can start it anytime. The course does not include scheduled teaching and the Viope learning platform is used for the course.

The course is entirely self-paced, of course respect assignment deadlines. It requires self-direction and does not involve group meetings or pair work.

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