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Laurea’s Open University of Applied Sciences is about developing and complementing skills, paths to a degree, or new directions in your career. We offer courses from all our fields of education and on numerous different themes.

Open University courses are open to all those interested in studying, regardless of educational background or age requirements.

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  • If you want to develop your expertise through courses, explore the entire range of Open University of Applied Sciences offerings via the course search.
  • You’ll find individual courses, Master’s level courses, free online courses, and course packages.
  • Sneek-peek courses are lightweight and free online courses aimed at upper secondary-level students.
  • Path studies (60 ECTS for Bachelor’s degree or 30 ECTS for Master’s degree) are suitable for you if you aim for a degree. After completing path studies, you can apply to become a degree student through a separate application process.
  • Micro-courses consist of open learning content, including short courses, podcasts, and videos.
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You can book a study guidance time for planning your open UAS studies. Book a 30 minute guidance time through the reservation calendar.

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